Wireless Switch Kit

Add a new light switch easily with a Simple Wireless Switch Kit. Our classic white rocker-style switch is installed without pulling new wires or ripping through walls.

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  • Self-Powered Wireless Light Switch
  • 3-Wire Receiver



Use the Simple Wireless Switch Kit to relocate a switch to a new location, add a wall switch to a pull-chain light, or use anywhere else you may need to add a switch.

Switch and Receiver are shipped to you already linked together for a quicker installation. .

Range of switch is 50-150 feet (typical), depending on walls and barriers in the way. We recommend testing the distance of the switch before completing the switch installation.

Multiple units may be used in the same home without interference. Unique radio frequency won’t interfere with other devices.

Power Supply
Receiver requires AC input. Switch is self-powered, requiring no power supply.

Indoor Use
The Simple Wireless Switch Kit is intended for indoor use; a receiver or switch installed on an outdoor light will need protection from the elements.

Switch Installation

Mount the switch anywhere with industrial tape or screws, or replace a current switch.

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Pieces of the switch


Surface Mount

For surface mount, attach included backplate to the wall using screws or adhesive.


Flush Mount

For flush mount, mount the switch without the backplate into either a standard electrical switch box or a low voltage mounting bracket using included screws.


Receiver Installation

The receiver is simply wired between the power and the light, then stored in the light box behind the fixture.

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  • Always follow local electrical codes when installing this device. Only a qualified electrician should install the product.
  • Receivers are intended only for use in dry locations and with permanently installed fixtures.
  • Receivers should not be installed in close proximity to heat sources such as 75W+ ceiling fixtures. (See Operating Temperature)
Installation Overview

The receiver controls lights or other loads by responding to signals from self-powered wireless light switches. The receiver mounts to junction box knockout holes with a threaded nipple or inside wiring cavities; preferably in plastic enclosures for maximum wireless range.

  1. Identify best mounting locations for receiver and transmitter.
  2. Connect receiver to circuit following wiring diagram and local electrical codes.
  3. Press and release CLR button to toggle relay output and confirm operation.

Choosing the optimal mounting location
The long term reliability and performance of the relay will be determined by the mounting location. Choose a mounting location carefully.
For best radio performance:

  • Straighten antenna out & away from metal.
  • Create separation distance away from interfering electronics such as fluorescent tube ends, ballasts, electronic transformers, and motors.
  • Avoid mounting inside metal enclosures.
  • Obstructions of metal, concrete and dense building materials will reduce the range. Mount higher and away from obstructions to maximize the range.
  • Perform range test to confirm operation prior to installation.

Manufacturer’s Installation Guide
Manufacturer’s Wiring Diagram



Switch Dimensions

Switch Dimensions


  1. Donald Brouillette

    I just ordered a wireless switch and receiver combo through Amazon and i need too order another receiver. Order # 108-7813688-8562631

    1. Author


      Please contact us at this email so that we can get in touch with you. We don’t typically sell receivers or switches on their own, as we specialize in pre-linked kits, but we may be able to put you in touch with someone from the manufacturer that can help you.

      Another option is to return your Simple Kit and order one of the newly released Two Receiver kits.

      – Rae, RunLessWire Marketing

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