Wireless Switch Kit

Add a 3-way light switch easily with a 3-Way Wireless Switch Kit. Our classic white rocker-style switches are installed without pulling new wires, ripping through walls, or dealing with complex wiring configurations.

  • TWO Self-Powered Wireless Light Switches
  • 3-Wire Receiver

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Control a light source from two separate points easily with a 3-Way Wireless Switch Kit. .
A 3-Way Wireless Switch Kit includes two Single Rocker Self-Powered, Battery-Free Wireless Switches and one 3-Wire RF Receiver.

Switches and Receiver are shipped to you already linked together for a quicker installation. .

Range of switch is 50-150 feet (typical), depending on walls and barriers in the way. We recommend testing the distance of the switch before completing the switch installation.

Multiple units may be used in the same home without interference. Unique radio frequency won’t interfere with other devices.

Power Supply
Receiver requires AC input.
Switches are self-powered, requiring no power supply.

Indoor Use
The 3-Way Wireless Switch Kit is intended for indoor use; a receiver or switch installed on an outdoor light will need protection from the elements.

Switch Installation

Mount the switch anywhere with industrial tape or screws, or replace a current switch.

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Pieces of the switch


Surface Mount

For surface mount, attach included backplate to the wall using screws or adhesive.


Flush Mount

For flush mount, mount the switch without the backplate into either a standard electrical switch box or a low voltage mounting bracket using included screws.



  1. Is there a smart phone app to switch light on and off? If not, why not? That way when coming home in the dark you could turn the light on before entering.

  2. The switch says indoor use only. Is it okay to install it in an attic space where it might be exposed to cold temperatures but not precipitation? I’m looking to replace an old wired relay switch that’s currently in place. Is it okay for the switch to be in contact with fiberglass batt insulation? Thank you.

  3. I ordered some items..I love the concept, but I was not able to use them for the lighting problems inhave..it required an electrician. Let me know how I can best return these,,
    Thank you

  4. Hello,

    I am interested in the 3 Way Wireless Switch. My application is to use it to add a second switch in my garage. The primary switch is not wired as a three way. It is wired as a simple switch. Wondering if I can use the 3 Way Wireless switchin this scenario and simply not use the “red” wire.

    Thank you,


  5. How do I purchase a 3-way wireless switch in Ivory? The switch on Amazon is white.

  6. Hello and Happy New Year! This 3 way wireless switch kit looks like the solution I need for a remodel. However on Amazon I only see the color white offered; I saw a customer question answered that indicated you also have light almond and ivory, how would I order one of those colors instead? Thanks! JA

  7. Your page says $149.50 on amazon but it’s $169.95 at the link. Please send me a link where I can purchase at your advertised price of $149.50. Thank you.

  8. I have a switch at the bottom of the stairs and one on the top creating a three way. I want to move the top switch, what do I need to purchase to make that happen . Thanks Forrest

  9. Saw your 3-way switch product on Amazon. Is it available in Light Almond?

  10. Can I use this kit on an existing thee way switch? I need to cover up one switch with a entryway cabinet, but I still want to control the overhead light from both locations. Would I only need one switch and receiver?

  11. Do you have a higher wattage receiver?…………..say 800W – 1000W LED?

  12. Why is this product unavailable?
    I’ve bought and installed a few of these and love them. I’m a contractor and have been recommending them but now I have a customer who wants one and I can’t seem to purchase it anywhere.
    Will it be available soon?
    If so I’d like to wait but if not I’ll have to find an alternative solution.

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